Fine Art

Fine Art Photos From Bannack Ghost Town

HDR Photo of a barber chair

The gazing doll looks into the mirror.


Bannack Ghost Town Portraits

Bannack Ghost Town Portraits

Looking out to the street through the window. It is dark where he is, but light in the direction he is looking.

This photo had no auxiliary lighting, it is all natural light from the window.


A thoughtful school teacher pondering after class.

The natural light outside was too bright; I brought the stop down and then used a flash to light up her face.

Teaching a class of children about their own state.

This picture was taken with an Einstein Beauty Dish.

The ghost of the cabin, she attempts not to be caught in the reflection.

No auxiliary lighting was used, it is all natural light.

Such a classy couple on the stairway of the old hotel.

An Einstein strobe light was used here to brighten their faces.

Using Reflectors for Portraits

Dannielle so willingly posed for our group as we demonstrated the use of reflectors in our pictures. Despite the VERY windy day, we were able to get a few good shots.


The gold reflector was used in this image, but we bent it to make the reflection of light not be as strong.

After pulling her out of the shadows we were able to use the diffuser to soften the light.

This image was taken with no reflectors or diffusers. It is fairly dark.

Below is an image taken in the same place with the same settings, the only difference is that we used a gold reflector.

The gold reflector  was used completely open, no feathering nor bending.

Up Close & Personal

I had so much fun taking these pictures. Macro photography is definitely my favorite! The goal was to take pictures of vegetation with water drops on it. The first few photos show my water drop work. The rest of the photos are other macro pictures that I wanted to share. My personal favorite is the picture of the P2B sunglasses.

Cupcake Collage


All of these photos were done in a light tent. I baked and decorated each cupcake and then made a display, I then took pictures of the display from different angles. I wish the lighting had been a bit better, my lights were kind of yellow, however I feel satisfied with my results.

Depth of Field


Creepy Squirrel – 05/05/17 – 3pm – Ogden, Utah – Focal Length 113mm – f/5.6 – Shutter Speed 1/60 – Camera: Canon 80D
Soak Up The Sun – 05/03/17 – 10am – BYU-Idaho Campus – Focal Length 78mm – f/6.3 –
Shutter Speed 1/200 – Camera: Canon 80D
The Knot – 05/05/17 – 4pm –
Ogden, UT – Focal Length 67mm – f/5.0 – Shutter Speed 1/250 – Camera: Canon 80D
Red – 05/05/17 – Ogden, Utah –
Focal Length 27mm – f/20 – Shutter Speed 1/60 – Camera: Canon 80D, used photoshop to edit the background above the chair and fill it in with more greenery. 
Long Stretch – 05/09/17 – 1pm Rexburg, ID – Focal Length 24mm – f/10 – Shutter Speed 1/130 – Camera: Canon 80D




Pictures in Motion


The first two photos are demonstrations of Freeze images.

The second two photos show blur motion.

Football Fling

05-01-17; 6 pm; Rexburg, Carriage House; FL: 50mm; f/5.6; 1/300; Canon 80D

Throwing the football from behind


05-01-17; 8 pm; BYU-I Stadium; FL: 24mm; f/4; 1/800; Canon 80D

Going for the goal!

Mikey Biking

04-29-17; 4 pm; Rexburg, Carriage House Appartments; FL: 24mm; f/4; 1/30; Canon 80D

Mikey on a bike ride past the Carriage House apartments.

Spinning Disc

04-29-17; 10 am; Rexburg- LDS Church Building; FL: 18mm; f/10; 1/85; Canon 80D

Frisbee disc game was an exciting work retreat activity.





Photobook Spread

I was able to edit these pictures before doing this assignment. I felt that the green was a nice calming color that could be used in this photobook spread. It us just a draft of the photobook that I will complete at the end of the semester. The three vertical pictures that I had are grouped to the left side of the last page and the other two photos were taken horizontally and fit better as the large pictures.

Past Photos

My photography skills up to this point have mostly been self taught. I have always enjoyed taking pictures of nature and of my family but I never had the expertise to edit them until recently. Last summer I had to edit many photos for my family’s chocolate company and put them on the website. During that time I had to teach myself how to use photoshop by watching YouTube videos. After taking a couple classes I already know a lot more than I did last summer.
Posted are some of the photos that I have taken previously.

I was about 14 when I took the picture of the lily. This was when I realized that I enjoyed photography and began taking more and more pictures. This photo was never edited.

The three images of Christmas Chocolates are from a year ago. I had to get my family’s chocolate website ready for the Christmas season. I had no experience at all in Adobe Photoshop but, with the help of YouTube I was able to watch tutorials that helped me do these edits. The cropping was so hard for me and now that I have taken some classes I now know of easier ways that I could have cropped these images.

Last Christmas I wanted to surprise my mom and take updated pictures of my brothers. I was able to use my dad’s work camera, but the only lens that he had was a macro lens. It was hard to get the photos to work but I managed to get the following two images. I then used photoshop to take some of the red out of their cheeks.

This last image was taken just this past week. I just happened to be walking down the side walk and saw a pretty tulip, then all of a sudden there was this ladybug. I had my camera on me and was able to take a picture. In photoshop all I did was adjust the contrast a bit.