Depth of Field


Creepy Squirrel – 05/05/17 – 3pm – Ogden, Utah – Focal Length 113mm – f/5.6 – Shutter Speed 1/60 – Camera: Canon 80D
Soak Up The Sun – 05/03/17 – 10am – BYU-Idaho Campus – Focal Length 78mm – f/6.3 –
Shutter Speed 1/200 – Camera: Canon 80D
The Knot – 05/05/17 – 4pm –
Ogden, UT – Focal Length 67mm – f/5.0 – Shutter Speed 1/250 – Camera: Canon 80D
Red – 05/05/17 – Ogden, Utah –
Focal Length 27mm – f/20 – Shutter Speed 1/60 – Camera: Canon 80D, used photoshop to edit the background above the chair and fill it in with more greenery. 
Long Stretch – 05/09/17 – 1pm Rexburg, ID – Focal Length 24mm – f/10 – Shutter Speed 1/130 – Camera: Canon 80D





Magazine Mock Up

Created a mock magazine cover and one spread.

PROCESS (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles)
1. The cover photo is a friend of mine. The photo was edited in Adobe Photoshop. The hat was a very bright blue and the red on her hoodie was very bright as well. I didn’t want them to be the focus of the magazine so I changed the levels of the image and used the brush tool to make the change appear only over the hat and hoodie.
2. Blue is a nice color and is appealing to the eyes. I used blue for the entire design and allowed for a lot of white space.
3. The blue border I think added a nice touch and the magazine looked a little plain without it. When I added the blue border I then got the inspiration to have the light blue bullet points bellow the featured articles.
4. The spread was a little harder to accomplish. The pictures were all ones that I took. I liked the look of the selfie at the top of the spread because I felt that it portrayed joy from an average person’s view point. The one on the bottom right is of myself and even though I did not click the button on my own, I was the mastermind behind the camera and the photo. I just had someone else push the button.
5. The blue color and the fonts have were kept consistent throughout the cover and the spread.

I initially had the photo black and white. It really made the magazine look a little drab and was not very appealing. I then was encouraged to do a color image but maybe tone down the levels in the hat and hoodie. After the critique I also found a better font that better connected with the theme of the magazine.

Keep connected. There are many opportunities to keep connected with the world around you. It has more to do with style and popularity. People are encouraged to first find and then express who they are.

Millennial’s and other’s who are wanting to keep up with the times.

Less is more. Colors matter. I felt that I needed to fill every space but leaving whit area really makes it feel clean and readable. Colors matter because at first the picture was black and whit and the really looked like a depressing magazine.

Analogous // Blues

Avenir Next Condensed // San Serif

Bakersville // Serif



Piano Brochure

Brochure project for Ivory Keys piano studios.

PROCESS (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles)
1. The logo for this company was created in InDesign. The goal is that when the brochure is closed it will be the logo. There is also a grey miniature logo on the back of the brochure.
2. The images were taken from Since I am using a black background I looked for piano images with more of a brown color so that the black would not be drowned out in the background of the brochure.
3. The shape of the brochure and the keys on the brochure were created in InDesign.
4. I used a more ivory color, not stark white, for the words and the piano keys. Using the text wrap I mad the paragraphs move around each image to make everything flow and easily fit on the brochure.
5. I exported the brochures design as a JPEG and uploaded it here.

I met with my classmates and they like my design. Their advise was to put the logo on the back in a different color. I also had some ideas for different logos but also like the idea of making the piano shape as the logo. One person suggested having a separate logo but the rest of my group like the idea of making the piano shape the logo.

Calls out to pianists and brings their attention to the sales and repairs available to them. It also calls to the ammeter pianist who is looking to advance their talents with lessons.

Music lovers, especially pianists.

Next time I want to take my own pictures and make it completely my own. Remember to remove the strokes from the shapes so that everything fits evenly and lines up.

Neutral // Black and White

Apple Chancery // Decorative

Helvetica // Sans Serif


piano-1573330.jpg music-2113873.jpg piano-582330.jpg

All images were taken from

Photo 1:

Photo 2:

Photo 3:

The Eyes- Our Personal Window


Photo Source: Anja/

“The eyes are the messengers of the soul” said Adrian Furnham Ph.D. Eye contact has mixed concepts and can be viewed as either awkward or a form of sincerity.

Consider two people in a crowded room whose eyes continuously tend to meet; immediately the uncomfortable lookers jerk their gaze away. This situation is deemed as awkward. On the other hand if the two’s eyes were to meet and remain for a second or two with a bashful ambience then it would be considered a more positive interaction.

Furnham said, “Extroverts look more often, and for longer, at their interlocutors than introverts do. The confident, the bright, and the socially dominant look more, while it is the opposite for the socially anxious.” The eyes are sensitive because they provide unspoken information about a person. Those who are confident are not afraid to look someone in the eyes because they have nothing to hide. They are comfortable with who they are and tend to be the leaders of conversation. Many times they “are regarded not only as exceptionally well-disposed by their targets, but also as more believable and earnest.”

In relationships eye contact is key to showing that the partners can be trusted. As previously stated, eye contact makes someone “more believable and earnest.” Those with a strong relationship have more trust and have less to hide from one another, making eye contact more comfortable and normal. “There is more mutual eye contact between friends than others… Lovers really do gaze more into each other’s eyes.” Furnham also explains that the length of the gaze between two individuals determines the importance of the relationship. If a gaze is shorter it means the most important aspect of the conversation is the content or the words. On the flip side with longer gazes a person is communicating that there is more importance in the relationship rather than just the words that are said.

The eyes are like windows that expose outsiders to the reality of one’s life. It is more comfortable to talk with someone side by side while performing a task than to be sitting in front of each other. However, eye contact is key to a strong relationship and can be the ticket to a more confident lifestyle.


Furnham, Adrian. The Secrets of Eye Contact, Revealed.

Organizational Communications & Advocacy

June 9, 2016

Speaker: Andra Hansen

Topic: Organizational Communication & Advocacy


Advocacy: The act of pleading for, supporting, or recommending a cause or course of action.

Top 10 Skills Employers Want (from 2015)

  • Work in a team structure
  • Make decisions and solve problems
  • Communicate verbally inside and outside an organization
    • Say it so you don’t offend, be considerate
  • Plan, organize, and prioritize work
  • Obtain and process information
  • Analyze quantitative data
  • Technical knowledge related to job
  • Proficiency with software
  • Create and/or edit written reports
  • Sell and influence others


  • Solve the issue, find who to talk to and who can help
  • Research for ways to improve
  • Communicate with others to problem solve and make an environment better
  • Influence Change

Public Relations

June 2, 2016

Speaker: Michael Cannon

Topic: Public Relations


The purpose of Public Relations is to communicate between two different sources.

We are the communication between two sources for example a boss and a team within a company or between a company and the public. We must have good writing skills, communication skills. You are connecting to audiences together. It is getting messages out to the public as well, many times these messages are portrayed in a way that looks like advertising but they are sponsored by others.


PR(public relations) can be defined as Performance Recognition.

“Public Relations helps an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other. Public relations is an organization’s efforts to win the cooperation of groups of people.”

PR must play to emotion but be genuine. The power of words can change the world. Example from the video of the blind man. (“I’m blind, please help” or “It’s a beautiful day, but I CAN’T see it”) Use words the way an artist uses colors and tones, create and describe, paint with your words.


May 26, 2016

Speaker: Jeff Hochstrasser

Topic: Advertising


Advertising is the structured and composed non-personal communication of information, usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature, about products (goods, services and ideas) by identified sponsors through various media. Within this definition we can see a few key principles. The first principle being that advertising is structured and composed, this means that it is well planned out and has a target audience. The second principle is that it is non-personal, or in other words it is open to the public and not biased. Principle number three is that it is persuasive, it must be able to be attractive enough to the public to get them interested in what the advertisement offers. All of this is done with creativity and skill as well as a positive personality.


According to Brother Hochstrasser, one’s personality is a key to success. A person with all the components of a good personality will: accept criticism to improve, be a leader, have a team mentality, be willing to learn, have a strong work ethic, and have confidence without arrogance.

We must be willing to make changes by finding opportunities to improve our skills and expand our creativity. In closing we learned from Elder Dieter F Uchtdorf that “the more you trust and rely upon the spirit, the greater your capacity to create.”