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Lyn Photography. Lyn come from my first name, Shallyn. I wanted to be sure to have a business name that would be easy for clients to remember. It turns out that my name is difficult for some to pronounce. To take to burden off of client’s shoulders I shortened it to Lyn Photography. Creating this photo book took patience. At times I could not edit the pictures to look the way I wanted. I was able to pull through and have created a collection of some of my work from this semester.

I had seen so many photo books that had plain black or white backgrounds. Yes, a black background can make it look classy, but I wanted to create something a bit different. The cover has a dark grey background however, as you turn the pages you will see that none of the pages within the book have just a plain color behind the picture. The goal was to make each page a theme. The background on each page is a similar photo to the ones displayed on that page. The book starts off with portraits of this semester, which there are many. Following the portraits are some of my favorite photos, macro. I love taking close up pictures of objects. I had many more photos that I wanted to add to these pages, but I had to restrain myself. The Handiwork theme was fun to create. It encompasses a variety of wood and metal work. The point of these pages is to show that humans have a talent to take ordinary material and create masterpieces that add flare to every-day objects. Worn Out is the last section and it is a simple two page spread that shows the worth in old worn out items. Some people through out the old, others take it and find an antique treasure. My hope is that everyone will see the beautiful world we live in and take time to appreciate the blessings and talents that God has given us.



Contest Submission

The following photos I entered into a contest on The theme of the contest is wildlife. The minimum requirement was 1 image at $10. I decided to upload 3 images and pay the $15 fee. They do three separate contests each year; portrait, landscape, and wildlife. I think I will attempt to improve my photography and study what kind of photos win so I can have well prepared candidates for next years contest.

Composite Image

An open door has endless opportunities.

This composite image was created from the two images below. I created a duplicate layer  of the door and then embedded the road behind the door.

Using the brush tool I was able to remove the fireplace in the original door photo and make it look as if one was walking through a door to a new path.

The windows were tough, but I managed to mask them out. I used a lighter opacity for the edges of the windows so the trim on the other side of the “glass” is still visible as it was int he original picture.

Bannack Ghost Town Portraits

Bannack Ghost Town Portraits

Looking out to the street through the window. It is dark where he is, but light in the direction he is looking.

This photo had no auxiliary lighting, it is all natural light from the window.


A thoughtful school teacher pondering after class.

The natural light outside was too bright; I brought the stop down and then used a flash to light up her face.

Teaching a class of children about their own state.

This picture was taken with an Einstein Beauty Dish.

The ghost of the cabin, she attempts not to be caught in the reflection.

No auxiliary lighting was used, it is all natural light.

Such a classy couple on the stairway of the old hotel.

An Einstein strobe light was used here to brighten their faces.

Using Reflectors for Portraits

Dannielle so willingly posed for our group as we demonstrated the use of reflectors in our pictures. Despite the VERY windy day, we were able to get a few good shots.


The gold reflector was used in this image, but we bent it to make the reflection of light not be as strong.

After pulling her out of the shadows we were able to use the diffuser to soften the light.

This image was taken with no reflectors or diffusers. It is fairly dark.

Below is an image taken in the same place with the same settings, the only difference is that we used a gold reflector.

The gold reflector  was used completely open, no feathering nor bending.

Up Close & Personal

I had so much fun taking these pictures. Macro photography is definitely my favorite! The goal was to take pictures of vegetation with water drops on it. The first few photos show my water drop work. The rest of the photos are other macro pictures that I wanted to share. My personal favorite is the picture of the P2B sunglasses.