Best of the Best

Summer Time Fun!









This was a fun picture to take. I wanted something that was bright and yelled “summer!”  I bought the sand bucket with the shovel and the flip flops. I had the towel and sunglasses already. The sand dunes were my choice of location. I set up the objects to have a good composition. The sand

at the sand dunes is super fine, as I was taking pictures the wind started to blow and I had to get my camera in the bag real fast. I like the shot that I was able to capture and I was quite happy with the reflection in the sunglasses. I was hoping for a little more sun, but a giant cloud covered the sun for about an hour. However, I am happy with the lighting, I think more sunlight may have drowned out the color, the could acted as a diffuser.

The original image can be seen in the thumbnail. I edited out some of the debris that was in the sand to make the image look more clean. I also removed some of the towel that was visible in the top corner. The lighting was a little dark with the cloud and I was able to adjust the levels in photoshop to get a little bit brighter image.



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