Composite Image

An open door has endless opportunities.

This composite image was created from the two images below. I created a duplicate layer  of the door and then embedded the road behind the door.

Using the brush tool I was able to remove the fireplace in the original door photo and make it look as if one was walking through a door to a new path.

The windows were tough, but I managed to mask them out. I used a lighter opacity for the edges of the windows so the trim on the other side of the “glass” is still visible as it was int he original picture.


Bannack Ghost Town Portraits

Bannack Ghost Town Portraits

Looking out to the street through the window. It is dark where he is, but light in the direction he is looking.

This photo had no auxiliary lighting, it is all natural light from the window.


A thoughtful school teacher pondering after class.

The natural light outside was too bright; I brought the stop down and then used a flash to light up her face.

Teaching a class of children about their own state.

This picture was taken with an Einstein Beauty Dish.

The ghost of the cabin, she attempts not to be caught in the reflection.

No auxiliary lighting was used, it is all natural light.

Such a classy couple on the stairway of the old hotel.

An Einstein strobe light was used here to brighten their faces.