Pictures in Motion


The first two photos are demonstrations of Freeze images.

The second two photos show blur motion.

Football Fling

05-01-17; 6 pm; Rexburg, Carriage House; FL: 50mm; f/5.6; 1/300; Canon 80D

Throwing the football from behind


05-01-17; 8 pm; BYU-I Stadium; FL: 24mm; f/4; 1/800; Canon 80D

Going for the goal!

Mikey Biking

04-29-17; 4 pm; Rexburg, Carriage House Appartments; FL: 24mm; f/4; 1/30; Canon 80D

Mikey on a bike ride past the Carriage House apartments.

Spinning Disc

04-29-17; 10 am; Rexburg- LDS Church Building; FL: 18mm; f/10; 1/85; Canon 80D

Frisbee disc game was an exciting work retreat activity.






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