Past Photos

My photography skills up to this point have mostly been self taught. I have always enjoyed taking pictures of nature and of my family but I never had the expertise to edit them until recently. Last summer I had to edit many photos for my family’s chocolate company and put them on the website. During that time I had to teach myself how to use photoshop by watching YouTube videos. After taking a couple classes I already know a lot more than I did last summer.
Posted are some of the photos that I have taken previously.

I was about 14 when I took the picture of the lily. This was when I realized that I enjoyed photography and began taking more and more pictures. This photo was never edited.

The three images of Christmas Chocolates are from a year ago. I had to get my family’s chocolate website ready for the Christmas season. I had no experience at all in Adobe Photoshop but, with the help of YouTube I was able to watch tutorials that helped me do these edits. The cropping was so hard for me and now that I have taken some classes I now know of easier ways that I could have cropped these images.

Last Christmas I wanted to surprise my mom and take updated pictures of my brothers. I was able to use my dad’s work camera, but the only lens that he had was a macro lens. It was hard to get the photos to work but I managed to get the following two images. I then used photoshop to take some of the red out of their cheeks.

This last image was taken just this past week. I just happened to be walking down the side walk and saw a pretty tulip, then all of a sudden there was this ladybug. I had my camera on me and was able to take a picture. In photoshop all I did was adjust the contrast a bit.



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