Goals To Be Attained

Montage project FINAL.jpg

Create an inspirational poster for a christian association.


I enjoy the outdoors and have come to love the idea of pushing yourself to achieve a goal. I was able to combine the idea into one image. The process was as follows:

-In Photoshop I combined the two pictures that I had selected for my image. I made sure that the climber was set in the right spot to obey the law of thirds. It was necessary to use the brush tool and remove a lot of the excess white space from around the climber so that the mountain was visible.
-The quote that I found was slightly long and I wanted to make sure that the main point stood out. By using separate text boxes I was able to make “goal” stand out more and used the eye dropper to make it the same color as the climbers jacket.

I was able to have 3 of my classmates critique this project. A lot of what they suggested I already knew had to change but I wasn’t sure how to change it. At first my quote was way to close to the mountain; I had tried moving it up but then it was too close to the top of the page, my classmates suggested that I adjust the kern. Also the rocks at the bottom of the image were faded out a little too much because I was trying to make the appearance of a cold fog. They suggested that I make the rocks more defined. I like the way it turned out better than the way it was.

At times making changes is tough but the best way to achieve something is by making goals and doing something to achieve those goals.

Anyone striving to make a change and need encouragement to conquer their goals.

Simplistic is easy on the eye and good.

Monochrome- the red from the jacket and then the neutral black and white background.

TITLE FONT NAME & CATEGORY    SignPainter- Script

COPY FONT NAME & CATEGORY     MinionPro Bold- Modern

SOURCE OF EACH IMAGE (website name and hyperlink)

Pixabay.com: https://pixabay.com/en/matterhorn-switzerland-mountain-918442/

Pixabay.com: https://pixabay.com/en/mountain-climbing-mountain-climber-802099/


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