The Eyes- Our Personal Window


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“The eyes are the messengers of the soul” said Adrian Furnham Ph.D. Eye contact has mixed concepts and can be viewed as either awkward or a form of sincerity.

Consider two people in a crowded room whose eyes continuously tend to meet; immediately the uncomfortable lookers jerk their gaze away. This situation is deemed as awkward. On the other hand if the two’s eyes were to meet and remain for a second or two with a bashful ambience then it would be considered a more positive interaction.

Furnham said, “Extroverts look more often, and for longer, at their interlocutors than introverts do. The confident, the bright, and the socially dominant look more, while it is the opposite for the socially anxious.” The eyes are sensitive because they provide unspoken information about a person. Those who are confident are not afraid to look someone in the eyes because they have nothing to hide. They are comfortable with who they are and tend to be the leaders of conversation. Many times they “are regarded not only as exceptionally well-disposed by their targets, but also as more believable and earnest.”

In relationships eye contact is key to showing that the partners can be trusted. As previously stated, eye contact makes someone “more believable and earnest.” Those with a strong relationship have more trust and have less to hide from one another, making eye contact more comfortable and normal. “There is more mutual eye contact between friends than others… Lovers really do gaze more into each other’s eyes.” Furnham also explains that the length of the gaze between two individuals determines the importance of the relationship. If a gaze is shorter it means the most important aspect of the conversation is the content or the words. On the flip side with longer gazes a person is communicating that there is more importance in the relationship rather than just the words that are said.

The eyes are like windows that expose outsiders to the reality of one’s life. It is more comfortable to talk with someone side by side while performing a task than to be sitting in front of each other. However, eye contact is key to a strong relationship and can be the ticket to a more confident lifestyle.


Furnham, Adrian. The Secrets of Eye Contact, Revealed.


Business Identity



Created various logos for a chocolate company and created stationary and business cards with the preferred logo.

1. I sketched out a few ideas for logos on a piece of paper. On paper the green logo was my favorite however, it became my least favorite once created in Adobe Illustrator.
2. Laurel is the leaf that the Roman’s would wear around their heads. This is why two of the designs have “Laurel leafs” in them. I liked the simple logo with the “L” instead.
3. The “L” logo was a simple square shape with rounded corners. I removed the stroke and used a golden color to represent caramel. The scripted “L” adds an elegant look to the logo which portrays the fact that it is a fine artisan chocolate company. The “L” was created with the font SignPainter.
5. My classmates agreed that the “L” with the caramel block was the best.
6. Using the logo and a repetition of of blocks I created the front of the business card and made sure to put the company name in the same font as the “L” (SignPainter).
7. The back of the business card has the same color as the repetitive squares on the front and the contact info is grouped together. The watermark on the back adds to the repetition of the font and fills the space.
8. The stationary also has the same repeating squares with the logo and the watermark “L” to the left of the page. The additional contact info is at the bottom of the page and is separated from the rest of the paper with a 3pt line and a .5pt line.

My worked was critiqued by my classmates and they advised that I take away the large caramel square from the watermark on the stationary so that it was just the “L”. I was also advised to move the contact information down closer to the bottom and make the lines and repeated squares on the stationary the same color as the caramel logo. However, on the business card they liked the lighter color for the repeated squares.

 It portrays the rich, sweet and delectable high quality chocolate that this company sells.

Large companies with clientele. These companies usually send gifts to their clients.

A color scheme can make or break your design.

Caramel color and the simple black with white.

SignPainter // Script

Avenir // Sans Serif


The graphics are my own.



Goals To Be Attained

Montage project FINAL.jpg

Create an inspirational poster for a christian association.


I enjoy the outdoors and have come to love the idea of pushing yourself to achieve a goal. I was able to combine the idea into one image. The process was as follows:

-In Photoshop I combined the two pictures that I had selected for my image. I made sure that the climber was set in the right spot to obey the law of thirds. It was necessary to use the brush tool and remove a lot of the excess white space from around the climber so that the mountain was visible.
-The quote that I found was slightly long and I wanted to make sure that the main point stood out. By using separate text boxes I was able to make “goal” stand out more and used the eye dropper to make it the same color as the climbers jacket.

I was able to have 3 of my classmates critique this project. A lot of what they suggested I already knew had to change but I wasn’t sure how to change it. At first my quote was way to close to the mountain; I had tried moving it up but then it was too close to the top of the page, my classmates suggested that I adjust the kern. Also the rocks at the bottom of the image were faded out a little too much because I was trying to make the appearance of a cold fog. They suggested that I make the rocks more defined. I like the way it turned out better than the way it was.

At times making changes is tough but the best way to achieve something is by making goals and doing something to achieve those goals.

Anyone striving to make a change and need encouragement to conquer their goals.

Simplistic is easy on the eye and good.

Monochrome- the red from the jacket and then the neutral black and white background.

TITLE FONT NAME & CATEGORY    SignPainter- Script

COPY FONT NAME & CATEGORY     MinionPro Bold- Modern

SOURCE OF EACH IMAGE (website name and hyperlink)