Public Relations

June 2, 2016

Speaker: Michael Cannon

Topic: Public Relations


The purpose of Public Relations is to communicate between two different sources.

We are the communication between two sources for example a boss and a team within a company or between a company and the public. We must have good writing skills, communication skills. You are connecting to audiences together. It is getting messages out to the public as well, many times these messages are portrayed in a way that looks like advertising but they are sponsored by others.


PR(public relations) can be defined as Performance Recognition.

“Public Relations helps an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other. Public relations is an organization’s efforts to win the cooperation of groups of people.”

PR must play to emotion but be genuine. The power of words can change the world. Example from the video of the blind man. (“I’m blind, please help” or “It’s a beautiful day, but I CAN’T see it”) Use words the way an artist uses colors and tones, create and describe, paint with your words.


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