May 26, 2016

Speaker: Jeff Hochstrasser

Topic: Advertising


Advertising is the structured and composed non-personal communication of information, usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature, about products (goods, services and ideas) by identified sponsors through various media. Within this definition we can see a few key principles. The first principle being that advertising is structured and composed, this means that it is well planned out and has a target audience. The second principle is that it is non-personal, or in other words it is open to the public and not biased. Principle number three is that it is persuasive, it must be able to be attractive enough to the public to get them interested in what the advertisement offers. All of this is done with creativity and skill as well as a positive personality.


According to Brother Hochstrasser, one’s personality is a key to success. A person with all the components of a good personality will: accept criticism to improve, be a leader, have a team mentality, be willing to learn, have a strong work ethic, and have confidence without arrogance.

We must be willing to make changes by finding opportunities to improve our skills and expand our creativity. In closing we learned from Elder Dieter F Uchtdorf that “the more you trust and rely upon the spirit, the greater your capacity to create.”


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