May 5, 2016

Speaker: Lane Williams

Topic: Journalism


The objective of a journalist is to keep people connected. As stated in the U.S. Constitution “We the People” must be together as one group, we are the people and we are united. This unity comes from the efforts of those men and women who listen, research, and write stories that are heartwarming or knowledge enhancing. In Williams’ lecture he began to apply the previous statements to our life, as students. We initially can be journalists now through our use of social media. If journalism is a way to keep connected then social media is a form of journalism. We must, as Elder David A. Bednar said, “sweep the Earth as with a flood” with inspiring stories that help others to learn and grow. Williams gave five invitations during his presentation: 1) Attend the Writing Seminars provided by the University. 2) Be more connected with the news and current events. 3) Create a blog, start improving skills and get connected. 4) Consider Journalism as a major. 5) Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through social media. We must consider these points and realize as Williams said, “Your career already started. It starts NOW!” Our experiences and interests most likely will be applied to our careers which means that we have already started on the road to where we want to be. Keep connected, and work hard.


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