I-Comm Student Media

April 28, 2016

Speaker: John Thompson

Topic: I-Comm Student Media


In John Thompson’s presentation he stated: “The purpose for being here in school is to find a job.” He explained that we are not in school to just learn and then hopefully obtain a job one day, rather we need to have experience while in school to make us more valuable on the job market. This is the goal of I-Comm Student Media. Within I-Comm there are three separate departments; Scroll, ScrollTV, and Soapbox. Scroll and ScrollTV are the University’s news departments and their main focus is in journalism with a small focus in design. Soapbox focuses more on advertising and video production which allows students to gain more experience in the design aspect of Communications. The students in these departments have real clients to work with which means their work must be made with their best effort. This helps students gain the necessary talent and knowledge to be able to enter the workforce as an asset to any company.



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